Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cheated latest Dota map version 6.74c

Site Password: cheathackrock
Zip Password: cheathackrock

Dota allstar 6.74http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?6daevtcg4yv3wnv

Site Password: cheathackrock
Zip Password: cheathackrock

Dota allstar 6.74bhttp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?vywi9a6af5ikv9f

Site Password : cheathackrock
Zip Password : cheatae

OLD + ESC MODE activator: -isaac (Sa Observer nyo i-type para di mabasa ng player)
NEW MODE activator: -isaac(space3x)(Sa Observer nyo i-type para di mabasa ng player)

How to use the cheat
-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-debuff (Removes buff from selected unit)
-lock (locks the trade system)
-unlock (Unlocks it)
-charges# ### (First # slot 2nd charges)
-additem # (max is about 90)
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-owner (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-bindup/down/left/right (IE: -bindup -kill would make it so that when you hit up it kills whatever s selected)
-clearkeys (Clears bindings)
-showkeys (Shows bindings)
-mh (Dispalys map, no server splits, hopefully)
-size #
-food #
-copy #
-fast (Hit esc when training units)
-bfast (Hit esc on building structure)
-ufast (Research is instant)(To disable one of these commands add -no to it like -noufast)

kdc.* : kick player*, (disconnected)

kkp.* : kick player*,(kung-fu panda+server split)

kKp.* : (capital middle K) kick player*,(kung-fu
panda+computer errors)

kce.* : kick player*, (computer errors)

kss.* : kick player*, (server split)

kfe.* : kick player*, (fatal error)

dc.* : diable player*'s cheats

cp.& : change password to &<3x spaces>

xr.X: increase your experience rate by X%

*xr.X: increase player* xp's rate by X%

fh.X: fly high. Set your camera height.

*fh.X: fly high. Set player* camera height.

go.X : add X gold to you

*go.X : add X gold to player *.

lb.X : add X lumber.

*lb.X : add X gold to player *.

rc.* : turn on/off the remote control, which allow you
to control player*'s unit

*rc.* : turn on/off the remote control for player*(front*),
allow him to control player*'s(rear*) units

tp. : turn on/off hotkey P(patrol) to teleport

*tp.: activate/deactivate tp. for player*

im. : activate/deactivate infinte mana (mp>55%)

*im.: activate/deactivate im. for player*

rf. : turn on/off hotkey H(hold position) to refresh spells

*rf.: activate/deactivate rf. for player*

mh. : activate/deactivate maphack for you yourself only.

*mh.: activate/deactivate mh. for player*

te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye, to see player *'s units
including invisible units

*te.* : add/remove the tertiary eye for player(front*) to see
player (rear*)'s units.

da. : deactivate all abilities which activated by you

Combinations of these commands work: tp. mh. rf. im. te. md. us. fh. rc.

Examples: mhtprf. 23tprfim. alltpim. 23456tpmhus. mhtpfh.300
23456mhtemd.all rcte.! ETC


sp.X : add X skill points
sp. : remove all skill points

ms.X : add up X movement speed (doesn't stacked)
ms. : set unit's movement speed back to default

lv.X : set hero level to X(will not have flash light
when level up)
Lv.X : set hero level to X(will have flash light

hp.X : set hit point to X
hp.. : kill selected unit(s)
ah.X : add X hit points

mp.X : set mana point to X
am.X : add X mana point

iv. : invulnerable
vl. : vulnerable

xp.X : add X experience points.

ow.* : set * as unit's owner.

cu.X : copy unit. (ie. reproduce the unit for X time)

cu : type this command to remove all units which are
copied not longer than 10 seconds before.

Ru. : Remove selected units.

as.X : add X points to hero's stats.
(ie. +str +agi +int)
st.X : add strength by X amount
ag.X : add agility by X amount
in.X : add inteligence by X amount

Notes: st. ag. or in. can be combined in pairs.

Eg.: stag. agin. inst. agst. inst. ETC

Items & Invisible Items (8x commands)

Require Unit(s) Selection

ai.(names) : add an invisible item

di.(names) : disable an invisible item
or real item

ai.all : add all invisible items

di.all : disable all invisible items
or real item


1) *Names for invisible items:
ad : attack damage +20 (claw of attack)
as : attack speed +15% (glove of haste)
am : armor +10 (Ring of protection)
mr : magic resistance 33% (Frostwyrm Skull)

Examples: "ai.ad", "ai.mr"

Examples: "ai.ammr", "ai."asad", "ai.adasammr",
"di.mram", "di.asad" etc


ic.X : set item's charges. Put your item on the
bottom-left inventory slot to set charges.

&ic.X : set item's charges, for the item in slot &(1-6)

ci.X : copy item X times from the
top-left inventory slot

&ci.X : copy item X time from slot &(1-6)

Multiple slot numbers could be put in one command.

Type "all" in front of the command to represent
all slots

Eg. "34ci." "01234ic.5" "allci.5" "allic.10"

Regeneration Buffs (4x commands)

Select a unit or a group of units before you use the
following command!

X could be decimal
X could have 6 more digits after the dot.
(ie. 0.123456)

rg.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp & X mp regeneration
per second (stackable)

hr.X : add a regeneration buff, X hp regeneration
per second (stackable)

mr.X : add a regeneration buff, X mp regeneration
per second (stackable)

rb. : remove all cheated buffs added by you

Key Bindings (29x commands)

tm.X : Timer. Wait for X seconds. Use the timer to stop
the next bound command to be executed for a short
duration (see example 3)

es&: bind command string& to ESC key. Thus command&
can be executed by pressing your ESC key

*es& : activate es& for player*

es. : clear your es keys

es.* : clear player*'s es keys

mo&: bind command string& to MOVE button.
(ie. hotkey M)

*mo& : activate mo& for player*

mo. : clear your mo keys

mo.* : clear player*'s mo keys

du&: bind command string& to Down+Up arrow keys.

*du& : activate du& for player*

du. : clear your du keys

du.* : clear player*'s du keys

lr&: bind command string& to Left+Right arrow keys.

*lr& : activate lr& for player*

lr. : clear your lr keys

lr.* : clear player*'s lr keys

ck. : clear all of your keys

ck.* : clear all of player*'s keys

sk.: show all of your bound keys

sk.es : show your bound es keys

sk.mo : show your bound mo keys

sk.du : show your bound du keys

sk.lr : show your bound lr keys

sk.*: show all of player* bound keys

sk.*es : show player* bound es keys

sk.*mo : show player* bound mo keys

sk.*du : show player* bound du keys

sk.*lr : show player* bound lr keys

NOTE: multiple player codes work in key binding commands.
Thus you can "234esgo.500" or "ck.all" ETC
Doesn't work on sk. though


1)Type "es23456go.500" and "es23456lb.500"

And you may now give 500 gold and lumber to player 2,3,4,5
& 6 by pressing ESC key.

2)Type "4esgo.500"

Now Player 4 may get 500 gold by pressing ESC key

Commands that doesn't work on key bindings:
rg. hr. mr. es mo lr du es. mo. lr. du.